Rokumeisen: Features and benefits

Rokumeisen reduces the maintenance of fixtures, sinks, tubs and toilets, and makes them last longer.
Your water will taste better-like natural water.
Rokumeisen reduces foul odors of chlorine.
Rokumeisen stops scale and ugly mineral stains in plumbing.
Rokumeisen decreases the amount of detergent, soap and shampoo you require.
Rokumeisen provides anti bacterial effects to water, which is especially beneficial for underground water supplies.
The freshness of vegetables and fruits will last longer.
The small water molecules provide beauty and healthy benefits.
When you use Rokumeisen with water filters, the filters will remove greater amounts of toxins and last longer.
Rokumeisen leaves your skin feeling soft and healthy.
Rokumeisen requires absolutely no maintenance (electricity,or cartridge exchange)
Once installed, Rokumeisen requires no maintenance.
A set of Rokumeisen will improve the quality of all water supplies in your home.